what is SKIN?

SKIN is the love project from owner, Mena. After spending years being frustrated by the lack of representation of all bodies and genders in boudoir, Mena decided to take matters into her own hands and SKIN was born. Wedding photographer by specialization, Mena has worked with her fair share of self conscious couples and has truly developed a skill in making people feel at ease in front of the camera while looking like they came out of an ad for Calvin Klein or Vanity Fair, have your pick!


more about Mena,

I guess I'd say I'm someone that holds multitudes: I'm a poet, an artist, dog parent, and croissant enthusiast. This carries over into my work. I hold many styles and techniques but what I create is entirely curated to my subject(s). My dedication to taking the perfect shot is only matched by my caring nature and commitment to making even the most camera-shy client exude the kind of confidence only really close friends can drum up. 

Several years in wedding photography (10+) have honed my shooting chops leaving me able to work quickly and for high stakes, producing timeless moments for couples to commemorate one of life’s biggest milestones. 

As for my milestones, I was awarded a spot on Eventsource’s list of best wedding photographers in 2018. In addition to landing the front cover of Applied Arts Magazine and achieving the distinction of Rotary Club’s Best in Show, my work has also been published in Elegant Weddings, WedLuxe, The Modern Bride and Todays Bride Magazine.

I am most passionate about bringing people to a place of self love and to helping people see themselves as they truly are, a work of art. 

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